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The doctoral school of the PORT and University of Wrocław

The Łukasiewicz – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development and the University of Wrocław begin cooperation in doctoral education. Thanks to it, young scientists can prepare their dissertations at the Wrocław University, working and gaining experience in international Research Groups at our Institute.

On July 20, 2021, Łukasiewicz – PORT agreed with the University of Wrocław, thanks to which employees and scholarship holders of the Institute can participate in the doctoral school at the University of Wrocław. It will allow them to combine their studies with gaining valuable experience from participation in application research conducted by international teams. Łukasiewicz – PORT is the first one of the Institutes of the Łukasiewicz Research Network to start such cooperation with the university.

Students of the doctoral school of the University of Wrocław, who are also employees or scholarship holders of the Łukasiewicz – PORT, will have the opportunity to gain practical skills while working on unique and socially significant projects. They will use the most modern laboratory equipment and the knowledge and support of renowned scientists associated with the Wrocław Institute.

The doctoral school is the next stage of the long-lasting cooperation of the Łukasiewicz – PORT and the University of Wrocław, one of the ten best research universities in Poland. It has included, among others, joint organization of scientific conferences and accepting students of the university for internships and scholarships at the Institute. One of the Łukasiewicz – PORT scholarship holders, a fifth-year student of medical chemistry at the University of Wrocław, Kacper Prokop, was in 2021 the Student Nobel laureate in the category of natural sciences and energy.

Thanks to the concluded agreement, the Leaders of Research Groups gathered in the Łukasiewicz – PORT Research Centers can submit candidates for the doctoral school at the University of Wrocław. They will be the best of the best young scientists, who meet both the project requirements of the Research Team Leader and the university recruitment procedure.

fot.: Dominika Hull (the University of Wrocław)

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Posted by apalus, Posted on 20.07.2021