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Student Nobel Prize

Łukasiewicz – PORT scholarship holder with the Student Nobel Prize! Kacper Albin Prokop, a 5th-year student of medical chemistry at the University of Wrocław, received an award in the category: Life Sciences and Energy.

This year, the Student Nobel Prize in Life Sciences and Energy went to Kacper Albin Prokop. He is a 5th-year student of medical chemistry at the University of Wrocław, a scholarship holder, and a member of the Advanced Materials Synthesis Research Group in the Material Science & Engineering Center at Łukasiewicz – PORT. The competition is the initiative of the Independent Students’ Association. Its main goal is to distinguish successful students in science, art, and social activity.

This year, the 13th edition of the competition took place. 86 students qualified for the final. The National Commission, composed of 33 professors from Polish universities, evaluated their applications. The jurors selected winners in 9 categories: Technical Sciences, Art, Journalism and Literature, Life Sciences and Energy, Physics and Astronomy, Medicine and Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Economic Sciences, and Social Activities.

Kacper Albin Prokop received an award in Life Sciences and Energy. This year’s winner has many successes. In the 2020/2021 academic year, he received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for students for significant scientific achievements. He was also a finalist of the “Gold Medal of Chemistry” organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the best BA thesis in chemistry (2019).

He has been cooperating with Łukasiewicz – PORT for several years. He was an apprentice and participated in research projects (i.e., funded by NCN and NCBiR). Currently, he is a scholarship holder and works on a project on 2D layers, i.e., graphene production and analysis. In 2020 he was a Chairman of the first edition of the Prequel Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Materials (PreATAM 2020).

Congratulations, and wishing of all of the future success!

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Posted by Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - PORT Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii, Posted on 27.05.2021