Safety certificate for work with nanomaterials

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Safety certificate for work with nanomaterials

TTÜV SÜD launches a unique safety certificate for work with nanomaterials, confirming their quality at the same time. It guarantees high standards for conducting material tests in industrial plants, maintaining the highest safety of work processes with technologically advanced materials, as well as defining the quality and physico-chemical properties of the nanomaterials in question.

The certification by TÜV SÜD Polska is preceded by thorough testing of nanoparticles, carried out in accordance with ISO/TS 17200: 2013 (E) by the Laboratories of Sorption Research , Electron Microscopy, Solid State Structure Research, Crystallography and Infrared Spectroscopy with the Fourier Transformation of the PORT.

Your company, by subjecting to verification and obtaining a certificate:

  • gains more credibility for its products and the way they are made;
  • it increases the competitive advantage by supporting its marketing message with a reliable source,
  • proves that it has the highest quality of offered products, and the process of their production meets the highest safety standards

The obtained certificate is a reliable confirmation of the reliability and responsibility of your company in the scope of the processes carried out on the multifaceted area of products based on nanomaterials.


Detailed information about the certificate.

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Posted by Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii, Posted on 18.01.2017