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Presentations of PI candidates

On Dec. 19. 2019 at ŁUKASIEWICZ – PORT the first public presentations took place of candidates for the position of Principal Investigator at our Institute – for Biotechnology Center. It is the first time when – following top academic institutions in the world – we recruit PIs.

The presentations were delivered by candidates from Boston and Heidelberg. They were in a form of open presentations: witnessed by the panel of experts invited to cooperation, but also by a few dozens of our institute’s employees, especially from R&D department. After the presentations they asked their questions to the candidates.

The panel of experts reviewing the presentations included eminent specialists: Janusz Bujnicki, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw), Jakub Gołąb, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (University of Warsaw), Przemysław Juszczyński, MD, PhD, DSc, ProfTit (Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine in Warsaw) and Maciej Drożdż, PhD, MBA (formerly: Principal of Venture Investments for Johnson and Johnson Development Corporation).

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 20.12.2019