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On Tuesday, March 5th 2019 the 4th Personalised Medicine Forum, organized by the Polish Alliance for Personalised Medicine will take place in Warsaw. Łukasz Kozera, PhD, MD – the State Coordinator for Biobanking and the Director of National Node in Biobanking run by PORT – has received an invitation to the Scientific Program Board of this year’s forum and to participate in a debate on the medicine of the future.

What is the forum?
The International Personalised Medicine Forum is a meeting taking place each year, creating a space for knowledge and experience exchange and an opportunity to meet the key stakeholders of the medical community, who favour an idea of popularizing personalized medicine. The goal of the forum is to present the challenges of today’s medicine form the perspective of particular participants of the system – patients, hospital managers, doctors and the taxpayer, as well as creating the conditions which promote the development of medicine by supporting the process of legislative and system changes.

This year’s subject matter
The 4th Personalised Medicine Forum will take place on March 5th 2019 at the Olympic Center of the Polish Olympic Committee in Warsaw. This year’s edition will be conducted under the slogan: “HEALTH VALUE. Key aspects of Personalized Medicine: Value Based Healthcare i Value Based Pricing”. The forum’s subject matter will focus particularly on the medical, economic and technological aspects which have a direct bearing on the development of personalized medicine in Poland. During the event important issues will be covered, relating i.a. to the increase of expenditure on health in the context of personalized medicine, the meaning of meters in a modern approach to medicine based on precise algorithms supported by modern diagnostic and specifically targeted therapy.

Experts on the Scientific Program Board
Just like last year, Łukasz Kozera, PhD, MD – the Director of National Node in Biobanking run by PORT Polish Center for Technology Development and the State Coordinator for Biobanking has been invited to the forum’s Scientific Program Board. It includes: Beata Jagielska, PhD, MD, the President of the Polish Alliance for Personalised Medicine – Association; Adam Fronczak, PhD, MD, DSc of Health Sciences, ProfTit, Head of the Public Health Institute at the Medical University of Warsaw; Piotr Czauderna, PhD, MD, DSc, ProfTit, Chairman of the health section at the National Development Board by the President of Poland; Zbigniew Gaciong, PhD, MD, DSc, ProfTit, President of the Board of the Polish Association for Personalised Medicine, the State Consultant on Hypertensiology and Jarosław Pinkas, PhD, MD, DSc, the Chief Sanitation Inspector, the State Consultant on Public Health.

Łukasz Kozera, PhD, MD

Biobanking as the future of medicine
In the framework of a session titled “Medicine of the Future” Dr Kozera will take part in a debate on the development of modern technological solutions in the context of their usability in health protection. As he explains: – Personalized medicine has no chance to develop without biobanking. The biobanks gather large quantities of sequencing data, data which evaluate our lifestyle and are linked to our treatment so far. In the future, on the basis of the knowledge gained thanks to personalized medicine and biobanking we will be able to treat each patient very individually – prescribing him medicines which will be certain to affect his organism and disease. Nowadays, we have lots of medicines and biological particles which can become medicines and we want to choose the one which will give him the best results and the least side effects.

To prevent and to treat effectively
But personalized medicine is not limited to treatment – Dr Kozera adds – in about 50% it includes the right prevention, which can be influenced by research conducted i.a. at our Biobank. We should develop such prevention algorithms that would allow us to monitor the habitants of a particular region basing on the risk factors present at the population. In that way we can prevent those diseases and even if one occurs, we can tailor the treatment precisely, so that it proceeds as quickly as possible and with a minor burden on the patient.

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 01.03.2019