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On February 23.-24. 2019 at the Wrocław Congress Center an exceptional photo exhibition ‘The Micro and Nano Worlds of Minerals’ will be presented, created by Piotr Kenis – a Process Engineer from the Electron Microscopy Laboratory for Materials and Geological Analysis at PORT. The goal of the exhibition, which is a part of the 72. Wrocław Fair of Minerals, Fossils and Jewelry, is to show the possibilities of our laboratory and to enhance the knowledge of the scanning microscopy.

Popular and less known minerals
At the exhibition you will be able to see the photos of various minerals, both the widely-known ones and the rare ones, taken in micro and nano scale using a scanning microscope Quanta 650 FEG. They include photos of: different forms of crystallisation of cuprite (copper oxide), marcasite, stilbite, chamosite and vanadinite. Apart from the photos presented on printouts, the visitors will have a chance to watch a multimedia presentation with photos of other minerals: malachite, uvarovite, allanite, galena, barite, fluorite and natrozippeite.

microcrystals - P. Kenis gallery 03

Photos in 3D and educational stand
Many of the presented photos were prepared in a 3-dimensional version and can be viewed through 3D glasses. The exhibition will be accompanied by an educational stand, where its creator will be telling about the photographed minerals, the imaging method using the scanning microscope and his work at PORT. The exhibiotion will be open on Saturday and Sunday within the opening hours of the Fair, i.e. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

microcrystals - P. Kenis gallery 01

A geologist at PORT
Piotr Kenis graduated in geology and is particularly interested in minerals, which are the subject of this exhibition. On a day-to-day basis he deals with preparatory procedures and research in the microfield of copper ores and of the non-geological samples. Besides, he is interested in heavy minerals in loess soil – which is the subject of the doctoral thesis he is writing.

Laboratory services
The Electron Microscopy Laboratory for Materials and Geological Analysis at PORT Polish Center for Technology Development, fitted with modern equipment, provides services in the area of specialized mineralogical and metallographic analyses, and expertise in the scope of observation and verification of processes. The Laboratory performs research projects and commercial orders.

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 21.02.2019