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An episode of the “Smart Regions” TV programme on the Euronews channel, dedicated to the SmartDX start-up, which co-operates with PORT regularly, will be aired from January 24. till 30. The creators of the episode shot the majority of it at our campus and were the guests of the PORT Microbiology Laboratory.

SensDx and the co-operation with PORT
SensDx is a dynamically developing start-up company which operates in the medical diagnostics area. The company creates and develops diagnostic testing technologies intended for people and animals, allowing users to accurately identify specific diseases at home. Constantly collaborating with SensDx is the team of the PORT Microbiology Laboratory, with its Manager – Adam Junka, PhD, who also took part in the recording.

“Smart Regions” on Euronews
“Smart Regions” takes a tour of Europe, visiting the cities and towns where Cohesion Policy projects are reducing regional disparities and bringing real, tangible benefits to communities across the EU.

teaser of the programme

This episode of the “Smart Regions” programme will be presented on the Euronews TV channel from Thursday, January 24. till Wednesday, January 30. You can find the planned airing times in the table below.

Euronews: Smart Regions - schedule

Euronews: Smart Regions – schedule








Full episode available here:

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 23.01.2019