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From February 15th to 16th 2019 the 12. Congress of Student Polish Societies in the UK will take place at the University of Oxford. A representation of PORT will take part in this event, organizing workshops for attendees and showing why our company can be an attractive workplace for them.

The main goal of this event is to integrate the community of Polish students learning at universities around the UK and to encourage them to return to their homeland after studies. For that reason, the companies which want to convince the young, talented people, that Poland has a lot for them to offer, become the partners of this event. It’s possible nowadays to find an interesting job, international environment, high-end equipment and attractive salary at PORT and other companies in our country.

What is the Cogress in Oxford?
The congress is a Polish student conference taking place each year in Great Britain, bringing together the members of all Polish student societies in that country. The first edition took place in 2007 in Oxford. In the following years the Congress was organized at various universities, including Cambridge. This year the event will return to Oxford thanks to the Oxford University Polish Society, which is organizing the congress together with The Federation of Polish Student Societies in the United Kingdom.

Congress is based on five main activities:

  • Keynote speaker addresses to shape the debate among Polish students in the UK
  • Panel debates with representatives of Polish politics, business and culture
  • Workshops with Polish young professionals to provide career opportunities
  • Networking sessions to create a community of Polish students in the UK
  • Social events that gather students and Polish professionals

The goals of the Congress are:

  • Integration of students and establishment of network between the societies
  • Career development and support for the future of Polish students in the UK
  • Facilitating access to Polish talents in the UK for business in Poland
  • Intergenerational integration between students and alumni of Polish societies

“Always to connect”
Since the very beginning the congress serves as an integration platform for Polish students in the UK, which is particularly important considering that they are scattered across 30 universities in England, Scotland and Wales. The congress gives them a networking opportunity among those who share their experience of studying abroad and the representatives of Polish business, politics and culture. This year’s motto of the event is: “Always to connect”; the organisers would like the congress to unite people with different backgrounds, representing various views, fields of knowledge and life stories.

PORT at the congress
PORT Polish Center for Technology Development will present itself in a number of ways. On Friday its employees will lead at the Christ Church college presentations and workshops, for which the attendees can register. From Saturday morning at the Examination Schools they can talk to the PORT representatives at the Career Section and at 3 p.m. Adam Junka, PhD will represent PORT during a discussion panel ‘Generation C: Young Professionals of the Congress’.

Workshops and presentations of PORT:
‘Everything’s a matter of time and scale – a few words on how microorganisms reign our lives’
Adam Junka, PhD, the Head of the Microbiology Lab
Around the middle of the nineteenth century humans started believing that they are the most important species on the face of the Earth. Throughout evolution, they would face wolfs, lions and bears. The development of firearms made those struggles much easier and therefore more efficient, leading to a significant curbing of populations of those grand predators.

Merely half a century has passed since humans started to realise that the only real opponent to the crown of the animated world is so small we cannot spot it with a blind eye and characterised by a pace of reproduction so fast that it cannot be eradicated. Microorganisms – it is them who have proven to be the real kings of biosphere. The development of empirical methods of analysis moved the point of balance still further; of late we are starting to realise that the ongoing fight is not one of equals and that there is nothing we can do to stop the microorganisms in their triumphant march towards the domination.

‘The use of modern research techniques in the physicochemical characteristics of materials’
dr hab. Eng. Alicja Bachmatiuk, Leader of the Special Materials Area
The workshop will present the possibilities of modern measurement techniques available at PORT for testing the properties of materials. The workshop will emphasise the importance of comprehensive study of materials, especially micro and nano size for their applications in everyday life. Participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the methods of work of the scientists and the types of materials studied. In addition, they will be showed the research explaining the cooperation with industry and the subject of current scientific projects related to material engineering.

‘The competences of the innovativeness – five crucial elements of an innovative undertaking’
Beata Bocian, HR Business Partner
Have you ever wondered why most of job advertisements include the magical phrase ‘we are looking for a creative, cooperative person’? We live in a time supporting and requiring innovativeness, creativity and cooperativeness. Employers are looking for candidates who mastered the ability to create and enact innovative solutions. Why can some of us do it better than others? What does innovativeness consist of? Can one learn it? We will answer those questions along with many others during interactive workshops dedicated to the most important elements of an innovative endeavour.

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 06.02.2019