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On the basis of results of a selection panel PORT has awarded internal grants for scientists and scientific teams conducting research at our company. The grants are financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education statutory subvention for 2018.

Following the results of a call at PORT, seven scientists with their scientific teams have been granted financing from statutory subvention of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for 2018 (with an option of the research continuity in 2019) for the total sum of PLN 666 608.00. The following research tasks are financed from those internal grants:

  • for supporting the research potential:
    • Marta Fiedot-Toboła “Polymer composites with the fungicidal and bactericidal properties for use in furniture industry (AntiBac)”
    • Tomasz Baraniecki “Development of technology for precision cutting of transparent materials (TransLas)”
    • Katarzyna Komorowska “Fluorescent ion liquids in lithographic applications (FILL)”
    • Anna Czajkowska “Free amino acids analysis as biomarkers in the diagnosis of pediatric cancers (AminoMark)”
    • Marcin Skoreński “Synthesis of new chemiluminescent compounds for two components, ecologically friendly glowing sticks (GLOW)”
  • for development of young scientists:
    • Katarzyna Skulska “Monitoring of phagocytosis of apoptotic cells for anti-cancer therapy (FagApo)”
    • Rafał Kubik “Wastes from detrital raw materials processing in Lower Silesia as a source of rare earth elements (REEcoup)”

We truly congratulate you and wish you successful management of your projects!

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 11.12.2018